The Perfect Synergy of Technology, Performance & Materials

Velair revolutionizes self-contained air conditioners by engineering a convergency of a Wi-Fi control with the variable speed drive technology - achieving 98% efficiency - with convenient smart phone control of your yacht A/C, on or off the boat.

Key advantages of variable speed drive technology include soft starting without a power spike. This maximizes energy efficiency and reduces energy consumption and therefore the size of the generator. Additionally, the A/C reaches the set-point temperature faster.

The unique combination of the variable speed compressor and the electronic expansion valve results in a constant temperature air flow of + 1 degree, so there is less temperature and humidity fluctuation.

The brushless fan motor with reverse blade design reduces noise and vibration to virtually silent operation. Auto regulation of the fan ensures reliable, zero-maintenance performance that operates well, even on weak shore power.

The inverter driven compressor and multi-injection heat exchanger guarantee the highest efficiency and reduced energy consumption. They can be powered by a small generator or DC-AC converter from the battery pack. Reverse-cycle heating is standard.

All units are light and compact with rugged high-quality stainless steel and aluminum materials designed for small and medium boats.


Smart Control With Built-In Wi-Fi
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Use any smart phone, tablet or computer to monitor all Velair A/C functions from any remote location, such as your car, office or home.

  • Ensure your boat is cool and comfortable before you arrive

  • Free, easy-to-use app for iOS and Android

Variable-Speed Technology
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Using variable-speed technology and a brushless motor, Velair VSD consumes less power than competing systems. Without the high start-up loads of conventional systems, you can even use a smaller generator at a lower acquisition and operational cost.

  • Inclined fan blades optimize air flow even at lower speeds

  • VSD eliminates start-up spike

  • Allows smallest generators

  • Minimal noise and vibrations

Electronic Expansion Valve
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To ensure the best energy performance, Velair is equipped with an electrically controlled expansion valve.

  • Accurate control of the refrigerant flow

  • Precise control of temperature

  • Provides maximum performance in every situation

  • R410A refrigerant


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